August 1, 2021 (10th Sunday after Pentecost) - Bulletin

July 25, 2021 (9th Sunday after Pentecost) - Bulletin

July 18, 2021 (8th Sunday after Pentecost) - Bulletin

July 11, 2021 (7th Sunday after Pentecost) - Bulletin

7/4/2021 6th Sunday after Pentecost  (Bulletin)

6/27/2021 5th Sunday after Pentecost  (Bulletin)

6/20/2021 4th Sunday after Pentecost  (Bulletin)

6/13/2021 3rd Sunday after Pentecost  (Bulletin)

6/6/2021 2nd Sunday after Pentecost  (Bulletin)

5/30/2021 Holy Trinity Sunday  (Bulletin)

5/23/2021 Pentecost Sunday  (Bulletin)

5/16/2021 7th Sunday of Easter  (Bulletin)

5/9/2021 6th Sunday of Easter  (Bulletin)

5/2/2021 5th Sunday of Easter  (Bulletin)

4/25/2021 4th Sunday of Easter  (Bulletin)
NOTE: We apologize for the technical difficulties during this video. It only captured from the Prayer of the Day to the end of the Sermon.

4/18/2021 3rd Sunday of Easter  (Bulletin)

4/11/2021 2nd Sunday of Easter  (Bulletin)

4/4/2021 Easter Sunday  (Bulletin)

4/2/2021 Good Friday / Stations of the Cross  (Bulletin)

4/1/2021 Maundy Thursday  (Bulletin)

3/28/2021 Palm Sunday  (Bulletin)

3/24/2021 Midweek Lent, Week 5 "Open My Life, Lord"

3/21/2021 5th Sunday in Lent  (Bulletin)

3/17/2021 Midweek Lent, Week 4 "Open My Heart, Lord"

3/14/2021 4th Sunday in Lent  (Bulletin)

3/10/2021 Midweek Lent, Week 3 "Open My Ears, Lord"

3/7/2021 3rd Sunday in Lent  (Bulletin)

3/3/2021 Midweek Lent, Week 2 "Open My Hands, Lord"

2/28/2021 2nd Sunday in Lent  (Bulletin)

2/24/2021 Midweek Lent, Week 1 "Open My Eyes, Lord"

2/21/2021 1st Sunday in Lent (Bulletin)

2/17/2021 Ash Wednesday  (Bulletin)

2/14/2021 The Transfiguration of Our Lord  (Bulletin)

2/7/2021 5th Sunday after Epiphany  (Bulletin)

1/31/2021 4th Sunday after Epiphany  (Bulletin)

1/24/2021 3rd Sunday after Epiphany  (Bulletin)

1/17/2021 2nd Sunday after Epiphany  (Bulletin)

1/10/2021 The Baptism of Our Lord  (Bulletin)

1/3/2021 The Epiphany of Our Lord  (Bulletin)